GX-902 γ-Aminopropyl methyldiethoxy silane CAS NO:3179-76-8 Jan 06, 2022

CAS NO:3179-76-8


Trimethoxysilane has both alkoxy bonds and active silicon-hydrogen bonds. Due to the presence of active hydrogen atoms, alkoxy hydrogen-containing silanes are very suitable for the preparation of many high-purity organosilicon compounds, such as modified silane sealants, anti-fogging agents, water repellents, silane coupling agents such as vinyl, ring Oxy and methacryloxy derivatives and coating materials. The silicon-hydrogen bond can be added with a series of olefinic monomers under platinum catalysis to produce various organosilicon coupling agents, polyethers, polyacrylate sealants and adhesives.

Storage and transportation:
Store in a sealed container in a cool, dry, and dark place. Non-corrosive, transported as general chemicals.

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