Silane coupling agent AMEO/KBE-903/ KH-550/A-1100/CAS#919-30-2 Jul 05, 2022

♠Applications and Performance
The amino silane produced by silane GX-550 is widely used in the following applications Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants

The aminosilane is an excellent adhesion promoter in acrylic coatings, adhesives and sealants. With polysulfide, urethane, RTV silicones,epoxy, nitrile, and phenolic adhesives and sealants, the product improves pigment dispersion and maximizes adhesion to glass, aluminum and steel.

♠Glass-Reinforced Resin Systems
In glass-reinforced thermosets, the aminosilane enhances the flexural, compressive and interlaminar shear strengths before and after exposure to humidity. This product greatly improves wet electrical properties. Glass-reinforced thermoplastics, polyamides, polyesters and polycarbonates exhibit increased flexural and tensile strengths before and after wet exposure when this silane is used.

♠Glass Fiber and Mineral Wool Insulation
As a phenolic resin binder additive, the aminosilane imparts moisture resistance and allows recovery after compression.

♠Mineral-Filled and Resin Systems
The aminosilane maximizes the physical and electrical properties of mineral-filled phenolics, epoxies, polyamides, polybutylene terephthalate and a host of other thermoset and thermoplastic composites. Filler wetting and dispersibility in the polymer matrix are also improved.

♠Foundry Applications
In shell molding, the aminosilane strengthens the bond between the phenolic binder and foundry sand.

♠Grinding Wheels
The aminosilane promotes an improved, water resistant bond between the abrasive grit and phenolic resin binder.

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