Hexamethyldisilazane GX-HMDS Cas No.999-97-3 Apr 11, 2022

Product description

1. It can be used for special organic synthesis. The silylation in the synthesis process of amikacin, penicillin, cephalosporin, fluorouracil and various penicillin derivatives can also be used for the surface treatment of diatomite, silica, titanium and other powders. The mechanism of action is It is condensed with silicon hydroxyl group by silicon nitrogen bond.

2. It is used as a bonding aid for photoresist in the semiconductor industry.
3. In organosilazane chemistry, it can be used for chlorine exchange with chlorosilane monomers to obtain polysilazane. This method has a huge advantage in synthesis over the direct ammonia method.
4. This product can be used for the surface treatment of mineral powder and glass fiber, such as the treatment of SiO2 powder. When used for surface treatment, it is usually mixed with water, ethanol, etc. as a medium; it is used to add to dealcoholized RTV1 silicone rubber to Improve its storage stability and other properties; can also be used in special synthesis

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