GX-792 CAS NO: 1760-24-3 Jan 06, 2022

GX-792 CAS NO:1760-24-3


1. RTV resin and mixed silane cross-linking sealant: This product is a silane coupling agent containing bifunctional groups. The addition of single and two-component silane cross-linking sealant improves the adhesion of a variety of substrates, including glass, Steel, aluminum and concrete
2. Polysulfide sealant: when single and two-component polysulfide sealant is added, this product provides better adhesion to a variety of substrates, including glass, aluminum and steel. The product has good dispersibility and can get cohesive cracking instead of interface cracking
3. Insulation material: In the production of glass wool and mineral wool, adding it to the phenolic binder can improve the moisture resistance, increase the compression resilience, and increase the strength of the product.
4. Foundry industry: This product is suitable for the phenolic resin coated sand process, which can reduce the amount of resin in silica sand, and can reduce the amount of resin gassing at high temperatures, which greatly improves the strength of the sand core, thereby making castings The surface of the product is more smooth and smooth, which reduces the cost of casting.
5. Abrasives: It can improve the compatibility of emery and resin in the abrasives industry.

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