Isopropyl tris (dioctyl pyrophosphate acyloxy) titanate Apr 08, 2022

Product description:

  1. Rubber products
This product can significantly improve the mechanical strength and aging resistance of rubber products, especially the tear resistance.
  2. Plastic products
Adding this product to profiles, sheets and pipes can improve the binding force and dispersibility of inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate and organic resins, thereby improving the physical and mechanical properties of profiles, sheets and pipes. When used in color masterbatch, it can significantly improve the dispersibility of toner in resin and improve the tinting strength of color masterbatch.
  3. Wood-plastic composite materials
This product is used in wood-plastic products to improve the bonding force and dispersibility of fibrous fillers such as wood powder, bamboo powder and rice husk powder and resin, achieve high filling, and improve the impact strength and tensile strength of products. performance.
  4. Coating
Using this product to treat fillers or pigments used in coatings can reduce the viscosity of the system, improve the hiding power and adhesion of the pigments, and improve the anti-corrosion, waterproof and fire resistance of the coating.
  5. Flame retardant glass fiber reinforced plastic
This product is used for aluminum hydroxide high-filled glass fiber reinforced polyester fiberglass reinforced plastics, which can prevent the filler from settling in the liquid resin, and also improve the flame retardancy of the product.
  6. Applicable resins: PP, PVC, PS, PC, AS, ABS, SBS, natural, cis-butyl, butyl, neoprene, etc.

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