Formula type artificial stone coupling agent GX-579 Apr 08, 2022


Product description:

1. Improve the mechanical properties of the material
When used in unsaturated polyester composite materials, it can improve the mechanical properties of composite materials, such as increasing strength and toughness, and especially can greatly improve the wet performance of conforming materials.
2. It is used in artificial quartz stone and granite, and the surface of resin is treated, which can significantly improve the tensile strength, bending strength and bending elastic modulus of artificial quartz stone and granite, and the anti-fouling ability and foam suppression of products. Great help.
3. Improve the flexibility and its physical and mechanical properties, and enhance the dispersion ability of the filler in the resin system, water resistance, stain resistance, and moisture resistance. It has good infiltration and wettability, anti-foaming, coupling, and improves dry and wet properties. The crosslinking properties are outstanding under heat, light and peroxide conditions.
4. The anti-oxidation performance is significantly enhanced, and the yellowing of the base material will not be caused during the cross-linking process and long-term placement.

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