• GX-M120 Dibutyltin dilaurate CAS NO:77-58-7 Jan 04, 2022
    GX-M120 Dibutyltin dilaurate CAS NO:77-58-7 application: 1. Used as a heat stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride, a curing agent for silicone rubber, a catalyst for polyurethane foam, etc. 2. Used as plastic stabilizer and rubber curing agent 3. It can be used as a heat stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride. Its heat resistance must be lower than that of butyl tin maleate, but it has excellent lubricity, ...
  • GX-M110 CAS NO:1067-33-0 Dibutyl tin diacetate Jan 12, 2022
    Application: This product is mainly used as room temperature silicone rubber curing catalyst, especially suitable for deacetic acid type silicone products. Its characteristic is that the catalytic speed is faster than that of dibutyltin dilaurate. In order to reduce its acetic acid odor, it can be used in combination with dibutyltin dilaurate, usually using dibutyltin diacetate:dibutyltin dilaurat...

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