Usage and dosage of coupling agent May 11, 2021

1、 Usage

1. Pretreatment of pigments and fillers

Although it is difficult to coat titanate silane coupling agent on the surface of pigments and fillers in advance, the treatment effect is better. Dissolve the coupling agent in a small amount of toluene, xylene and other benzene solvents, add human pigments and fillers, and properly heat up to about 100 ℃ under high-speed stirring (about 1000r / min), stir for about 0.5h, so that each pigment and fillers particles can be coated with a layer of coupling agent. After coating with coupling agent, the pigment and filler can be used to make coating.

2. Direct addition method

In the process of paint making, coupling agent is directly added before high-speed laxity. Use solvent gasoline, xylene and other solvents to dissolve the weighed coupling agent, disperse it into the organic base material, participate in the high-speed dispersion of pigments and fillers, and then make the coating according to the usual method. The water-soluble coupling agent is used for the water-based coating, and the treatment method is as described above, with water as the solvent.

2、 Dosage

Theoretically, the amount of coupling agent is to make all hydrophilic reaction groups in the coupling agent react with the hydroxyl or proton supplied by the pigments and fillers. There is no need to excess, but in fact, the most appropriate amount should be determined according to the particle size of the pigments and fillers and the situation of the surface functional groups. The relationship between viscosity and amount of coupling agent can be obtained by viscosity measurement. The most suitable amount of titanate is the biggest point of viscosity decrease. According to the experience, the amount of coupling agent should be 1% - 2% of the amount of solid pigments and fillers in the coating. The finer the particle size of pigments and fillers, the larger the surface deposit, and the more coupling agents are used.

In conclusion, titanate coupling agents with different groups can be planned according to the needs of the coating industry, so that they can become specific or multifunctional auxiliaries,

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