New breakthroughs | Anhui Guibao obtained a national utility model patent Nov 24, 2021

Up to now, Anhui Guibao has 37 national patents, which is another breakthrough of Anhui Guibao in the field of silane coupling agents.

Patent name: A sodium salt vacuum feeding device for silane coupling agent synthesis

patent number: ZL202120106222.7

technical background

Silane coupling agent is mainly used for glass fiber reinforced plastics. The synthesis of silane coupling agent is carried out with sodium salt as raw material. In the implementation process, sodium salt needs to be put into the reactor, so a vacuum feeding device for reactor is required. . The vacuum feeding in the prior art is prone to electrostatic accumulation, and the feeding speed is slow, and the vacuum degree is low

Utility model content

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a sodium salt vacuum feeding device for silane coupling agent synthesis, which can realize high-rate and high-vacuum sodium salt feeding; realize grounding protection to prevent electrostatic accumulation and improve feeding safety; The material tray is divided and injected to realize efficient and fast feeding and solve the problems in the prior art

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