Si-28 Tetraethoxysilane CAS NO:78-10-4 Jan 10, 2022

Si-28  Tetraethoxysilane

application:Mainly used for optical glass, chemical-resistant coatings and heat-resistant coatings and adhesives. CVD and Sol-Gel methods are also used to prepare SiO2 and multicomponent oxides containing SiO2 components. It is used to synthesize silicone intermediates, as well as for refractory adhesives and precision casting, and as a crosslinking agent for room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. For chemical-resistant coatings and heat-resistant coatings, its hydrolysis products can be used to make phosphors.
For natural stone or other building materials, it can form silica sol-like inorganic substances (sio2) to enhance the strength of the substrate. In glass and plastic lens materials, SI28 CAS NO:78-10-4provides an ultra-hard scratch-resistant coating

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