GX-560 3-propyltriethoxysilane Cas 2530-83-8 Dec 27, 2021

Properties :It is a clear, colorless low-viscosity liquid with a slight terpentine-like odor. It is soluble in alcohols, ketones and aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon


GX-560  3-propyltriethoxysilane Cas 2530-83-8 is a bifunctional silane possessing a reactive organic epoxide and hydrolysable inorganic methoxysilyl groups. The dual nature of its reactivity allows it to bind chemically to both inorganic materials (e.g. glass, metals, fillers) and organic polymers (e.g. thermoplastics, thermosets or elastomers) thus functioning as adhesion promoter, cross- linker, and/or surface modifier.

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